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Anne Sophie Dubois Fleurie L'Alchamiste 2014

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Anne Sophie Dubois Fleurie L'Alchamiste 2014
  • Organic
  • Old Vines 

  • Burgundy-like expression of Gamay 


Anne is very much one of the rising vigneron stars of Beaujolais, with argueably some of the most glowing reviews of Fleurie in recent times. Originally from Champagne she passionately claims she is a grower first winemaker second. Based in Fleurie she is making some very exciting ‘Burgundy like’ reds choosing not to use carbonic maceration in her winemaking.

Taken from 40 year old vines in the Lieu Dit Sophie owns, Les Labourons. Hand harvested with fastidious grape selection, fermented with wild yeast and pressed with a wooden vertical press. Half aged in old French barrels on lees. Bottled unfiltered.


Critics Comment

San Francisco Chroncile

“Dubois makes some of the most soulful, Burgundy-like versions of Beaujolais that I’ve encountered” – San Francisco Chronicle 

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