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Fletcher Nebbiolo d'Alba 2018

Fletcher Nebbiolo d'Alba 2018

Fletcher Nebbiolo d'Alba 2018
  • 100% organically farmed Nebbiolo d'Alba
  • By David Fletcher, an Australian in Piemonte
  • A traditional approach to Nebbiolo


The Nebbiolo d’Alba is organically farmed and as of the 2019 vintage will be certified. As David expresses “It’s another way to teach someone about Nebbiolo”. Nebbiolo d’Alba must be 100% Nebbiolo which is why he decided to launch this except of using the Langhe appellation. Langhe Nebbiolo can have up to 15% of other grapes hence his choice of Alba. Sourced from 2 vineyards, 1st is situated in Roero and the 2nd very close to Alba in Scaparone. Fruit sourced from Roero can be classified Nebbiolo d’Alba.

100% destemmed. Open ferment, very little plunging, every 2 to 3 days. No post ferment soak. Old wood. Legally Nebbiolo cannot be released until 1st November following the year of harvest. It can be aged in any way (i.e wood or steel). Fletcher uses wood as it helps with the natural oxidation/softening of tannins. David reminds me you cannot pick too early to purposely reduce alcohol, must allow Nebbiolo time on the vine.

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