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Montevertine 'Le Pergole Torte' 2015

Montevertine Pergole Torte 2014

Montevertine 'Le Pergole Torte' 2015
  • One of Italy's greatest red wines
  • 100% sangiovese, made only in exceptional vintages
  • 30+ years aging potential


Montevertine, located high up in the hills near the village of Radda in Chianti, is truly one of the jewels of Tuscany and enjoys legendary status amongst wine lovers the world over. Acquired by Sergio Manetti in 1971, it has for the most part been designated 'IGT' (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) rather than Chianti Classico due to Manetti's refusal to add Trebbiano, thus it is often confused and categorised as a 'Super Tuscan'. But nothing is further from the truth - these are pure, transparent and exquisitely-crafted wines, that are almost exclusively comprised of sangiovese. 'Le Pergole Torte' could well be the greatest expression of the sangiovese grape in the world, and is testament to the varietiy's ability to create complex, statuesque and hence, world-class wines. This is a wine where those oft-used cliches 'iron fist in a velvet glove' and 'less is more' really do ring true. Superb.

Critics Comment

Antonio Galloni -

Le Pergole Torte isn’t a great Tuscan or Italian wine. It is simply one of the world’s elite wines.

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