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Tonic Rosé 2018

Tonic Rosé

Tonic Rosé 2018
Clare Valley
  • 30% Grenache from Watervale with 70% Mataro from the Clare Valley
  • Tiny Production wines with High Demand
  • Glenn & Dan are definitely two of the most exciting names in South Australia right now


It feels like an age since we had that tiny quantity of 2016 Rosé to play with. And so not a minute too soon comes its younger sibling, from the up-and-down 2017 vintage. Straight off the bat this feels less serious than the 2016, but a whole lot more fun. Where the 2016 directed your dinner party conversation towards the great Latin American Nobel Literature Laureates, the 2017 hit your doorstep with a bottle of mescal, a battered old edition of Cranium and half a packet of cheezels. It's there for a good time...delicious, definitely smashable.

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